was created as a “brainchild” experiment from Zac Johnson, an entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and marketing teacher.  Though the site is full of high-quality content, ranks well in Google, generates real visitors and sales, it also proves a point — which is that online marketing and creating a business on the internet is really teachable.

Through Zac’s course entitled “The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing & Blogging 2018”, students have the opportunity to walk through one of the most detailed and in-depth online marketing courses on the internet today. With over 80 different training videos, walk through tutorials and more than 4 hours of content, Zac Johnson has covered everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and blogging on the internet today.

Thus was born…

This site was created not just to serve as a resource for students of the “The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing & Blogging 2018” course, but also anyone who is looking to grow a blog or online business of their own through the use of SEO.  Feel free to view my other courses and reviews from over 40,000+ active students on the Udemy platform.

As someone who has written thousands of articles online and received hundreds of millions of visitors to various site properties, I know the power of providing premium content to an audience while also ranking in the search results at the same time.

Through the power of affiliate marketing and blogging, anyone can get started with an online business of their — without ever needing to take out a loan, hold any inventory, go to college or hire a guru professional. Instead, it’s all about getting access to the right training material and walking through the process. Best of all, there are no limitations in reference to how much money can be generated, or the opportunities you may find with blogging and affiliate marketing.

With all of that said, this site is really only five pages — which once again proves, you don’t need to come out with a new article every day to create a successful site on the internet. Instead, focus on long-form content and providing the best value and resources possible.

This website is still a work in progress, but will likely always remain as a case study and have less than ten content pages on the site — which will always be referred to as ‘pillar content’, with little filler in between.

Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or comments you might have.