How to Rank with Premium Press Releases and Distribution

Press releases are a great way to announce something big. For celebrities, press releases are vital to their success. They thrive on press releases because it is the main way that they get the word out when they are in a new movie, get married, or host a big event.

The same is true of your business. A well-written press release is a significant action that you can take to increase the reach you have with your target audience. Also, this one step alone can help boost your SEO. To reach your audience, you need to improve your SEO strategies as well as to get out to a larger audience.

How Can Press Releases and Distribution Help with SEO?

Just by writing a press release, you are going to reach a lot more people than if you did not do one. Press releases vary with other forms of articles or news stories because they have put into some of the highest authority information sites such as PR Web or others.

When you write a press release with the critical information included to put on high authority press sites like the one above, you will reach a potential audience of millions. Also, your SEO will improve because of the skillful use of keywords.

Please note that these sites have a very high standard on how they are written and they are more heavily formatted than a normal article. Also, you are not allowed to write content that sounds “salesy.” If you link out to your site (which is allowed once) on PR Web, you must make the other content informational. It can be entertaining, but it must focus on something that is important enough to be announced to a broad audience.

What can I put in the press release?

For a business, you can announce anything that is significant to your business such as your plans to move to another building, update equipment, or offer a special service. It cannot be for advertising products in general. Think big and make sure your site is ready for a lot of traffic. Keep it looking beautiful and fresh before issuing the release.

Examples of Using Premium Press Releases

If you need some examples of premium press releases in action, check out They have several examples of premium press releases in several different industries. This can be very helpful if you want to create a press release for your business and make sure it meets the standards of most press release sites.

Keep in mind that different press release sites have different standards for their news items. You should become familiar with the various standards the site requires before submitting so that it will not be rejected.

PR Web is the most popular site to create and submit a press release. They have some good resources on their site that help you to create a press release for distribution.

A Word about Distribution

When you publish a high-quality press release on one of these high authority sites, you will automatically get some distribution due to the high traffic volume of the sites. Additionally, though, you will want to promote your page through various means such as social media, customized ads, and native advertising, to name a few.

Complications/Cons of DIY Method with Press Releases and Distribution

Think of creating and distributing a press release like self-publishing and self-promotion. Many authors are successful doing their publishing through sites like Amazon Kindle and others. Some authors are highly successful with self-publishing and promotion if they are dedicated to promoting their content regularly. But this is very time-consuming, and it takes constant updates and monitoring to see how your results are paying off.

If you use customized ads through Facebook or other social media, it can cost you money over time. But your results might be worth it. You have to create an ad that links out to your press release once you have designed the news item and added a picture that will increase the interest level in the press release.

Creating ads for Facebook or other social media can help you to make the process more automated. This can save a lot of time in distributing your ads so that you can trust the system you place the ad on to do the work for you.

However, there are drawbacks to doing this yourself. You may not understand the audience of a press release enough to make the best decisions on the content of the promotional ad. It also requires that you constantly monitor the results you are getting so that you can measure your progress and make sure you are getting the most for your money and keeping your ROI (return on investment high). This is easier with Facebook’s dashboard that allows you to see the results on your analytics pages for each ad. But it still helps to have a professional promoter or distribution specialist to help.

If you like to be in control of your ad campaigns and don’t want the entire process to be automated, there is another way. It might give you more control over your press releases and the result you are getting than trying to keep control of it yourself.

Why Outsource this to TheHoth service?

Hoth Press is a service that is available that allows you to put all of this process together quickly and easily. Instead of trying to do it all yourself or set up a Facebook automation, you will outsource your press release and the subsequent distribution to The Hoth instead.

They have hundreds of 100% American writers who can create and distribute your press release to thousands of sources. Here’s what you get when you outsource your press release to The Hoth professionals.

-Distribution to multiple high-authority sites such as Associated Press, Fox, and NBC.

-High-diversity links that create links to your press release from various other sites

-Automatic social proof by association when your press release is featured on high-quality and high-authority sites

How it Works

When you use The Hoth service, here are the steps that it will take to get the job done.

  1. Tell them what you want in your ad and what it is about.
  2. Their team of professional writers will write your press release for you.
  3. The Hoth will feature your news item on hundreds of high-authority sites.

That’s all there is to it! You will get a distribution report within 7-10 days that will tell you how your site is doing in the “press,” and it will help you to decide what next steps you need to take (if any) to make the release successful.

Many people have found The Hoth Premium Press Release Service to be highly beneficial for your business when you have an important announcement you need people to know about.

The circulation of these high-authority websites is quite large, and it is possible to reach millions of people with a single press release. With the subsequent links that go along with the package with The Hoth service, you’ll also get the benefits of having your links shown on numerous other additional sites that may help you to promote your website even more.

White Hat at its Best

If you are still wondering whether you should do a press release and whether it is best to use The Hoth services, think about the importance of white hat techniques. “White hat” is a term that refers to doing things ethically and transparently. This should always be the goal of a business owner online-to do the right thing. Dishonesty, trickery, and deceit may work for awhile, but in the end, you’ll be the loser. Customers and searchers online are more intelligence and savvy than ever before, and they can see right through a scam or trick.

Focus on using white hat techniques of which creating an honest and direct press release is one. By telling people what you are offering, doing, or planning, you will bridge the gap between you and your target audience by offering a succinct look at your business from the outside.

People appreciate this honesty and transparency, and you will win many more people over in the end doing it this way.

If you are ready to see the benefits of creating a premium press release, contact the experts at The Hoth. They have hundreds of skilled writers and distribution experts who are willing and able to distribute and create your content for you.

Their price for one press release and distribution to multiple news outlets is only $149. That’s an amazing price for what you get. So get started today by checking out this deal. Remember, the world is waiting to hear what you have to say.

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